About Us
GoldenPages Editing is a Chicago-based freelance editing business that specializes in anything that falls under the children's books umbrella. This includes everything from board books for toddlers to Young Adult fiction. Although we're happy to consider any manuscript sent as per our submission guidelines, we're especially interested in Middle Grade/Young Adult romance, Middle Grade/Young Adult historical, stories that include non-traditional family structures, and picture books that feature animals as main characters. We offer copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading services, as well as help writing query letters and synopses. You will also get featured, if you so choose, on our Facebook page and on our website.

VALUE: Usually, rates are $1/page for younger kids' books and $5/page for middle-grade and YA books. However, we are now offering free services in exchange for positive reviews on LinkedIn, our Facebook page, and references by word of mouth. Part of this free package includes exposure on our website and Facebook page.